Please fill in your personal details and sign the following before using the Services of DEF Boxing.

Personal Details of Patron

*This Section is for Patrons under18 years of age

Waiver of Liability Agreement

Please carefully read the following Waiver of Liability Agreement set forth herein.

Mandatory Agreement
The terms and conditions set out in this Waiver of Liability Agreement (“Agreement”) apply to all users of the boxing gym, fitness studio, equipment, or services (“the Facilities and Services”) at DEF Boxing (“DEF”). From 13 June 2012 onward, it shall be mandatory for all Patrons of the Facilities and Services (“Patrons”) to sign this agreement. Those who have not signed the Agreement shall be prohibited from using the Facilities and Services.

Patrons under 18 years of age must be granted additional consent by one parent, who must sign the agreement in the section below.

The Good Health of the Patrons
Participation in any sport (particularly boxing/Muay Thai) or physical exercise may result in accidents or injury, the risk of which each Patron solely assumes. Each Patron should consult a doctor and undertake appropriate medical examinations before using any of the Facilities and Services. By using the Facilities and Services, each Patron represents to DEF that he is in good health and has not suffered from any illness or physical impairment which shall prevent him/her from using, or makes it inappropriate for him/her to use, any of the Facilities and Services.

DEF neither ascertains a Patron’s physical condition or medical fitness before allowing him/her to use, nor renders any health advice, diagnosis or medical services to any Patron with respect to the use of the Facilities and Services (including undergoing boxing/Muay Thai training and other forms of physical exercise).

The Inherent Risks of Boxing/Muay Thai and Other Forms of Physical Exercise All use of the Facilities and Services and participation in boxing/Muay Thai and other forms of physical exercise (particularly, the use of weight-lifting and muscle-building equipment/apparatus in repetition) are at the Patron’s sole risk, whether he/she trains alone or together with a trainer on exercise programs. Selection of boxing/Muay Thai and other exercise programs, methods and types of exercise equipment/apparatus is the sole responsibility of the Patron. Patrons are not to use any exercise equipment which is under repair/maintenance, or which is apparently broken or out of normal working order. Patrons should immediately cease use of any broken or malfunctioning equipment and should draw the attention of DEF personnel to the same. Patrons shall indemnify and hold DEF harmless from all claims which other Patrons – misled by the Patron’s continual use of malfunction or broken equipment, to believe that such equipment is safe and suitable for use – may bring against any DEF for injury, death or loss suffered as a result.

Waiver of Liability
Under no circumstance whatsoever and howsoever shall DEF by liable to any Patrons for any claim, demand, loss or damages (including consequential losses), in any actions for negligence or otherwise, on account of (a) death or personal injury,(b) property loss or damages arising out of or in connection with (i) the use of him/her, or by other members, of any the facilities (including the lockers, showers and changing room), or (ii) the physical state and condition of the DEF premises. Patrons assume their own liability and use the facilities solely at their own risk.

While DEF has made all possible efforts and endeavors to ensure safety, Patrons who participate in boxing/Muay Thai training or other forms of physical exercise shall understand that this particular sport is hazardous. Patrons, in addition, represent to DEF that he/she is in excellent physical health, physically fit and able to participate safely in boxing/Muay Thai training and other forms of physical exercise. Patrons acknowledge that when performing boxing/Muay Thai exercise routines or engaging in any similarly strenuous activity, he/she may suffer injury, which can incapacitate him/her (permanently or temporarily) or cause death.

Patrons knowingly assume all the risks involved in these hazardous sports. Accordingly, DEF shall in no circumstances whatsoever be held liable for, and the Patron hereby expressly releases DEF from any and all liabilities (whether under tort, contract or otherwise) for injuries (including death) to or harm suffered by him or her as a result or arising out of battery or any other international tort, negligence, or other circumstances whether it is inflicted upon him by his trainer, self-induced in the course of using the Facilities and Services for boxing/ Muay Thai training and other forms of physical exercise, or otherwise howsoever occasioned by this particular type of hazardous sport.

The Patron understands that his/her trainer is an independent contractor. DEF is not liable for any battery, other physical action, boxing training method or other ancillary exercise step which his/her trainer imposes on him. Patrons should at all times follow the safety instructions of his trainer and forthwith halt/cease any boxing exercise or training if he/she experiences any signs of discomfort. In the event that a Patron has not signed this Agreement, his/her trainer shall bear full responsibility and liability for any injuries incurred in the course of training at or using the Facilities and Services at DEF.