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DEF Boxing, established in 2002, is the premier boxing gym in Hong Kong and home to Hong Kong’s first ever and most decorated professional boxer, Rex “The Wonder Kid” Tso, alongside top boxing prospects Raymond Poon and Ghale Nibesh.



Boxing is no longer a violent sport for only the masculinity. In today's health conscious world, boxing is defined as a new lifestyle for everyone -- from professionals such as the fitness-conscious bankers and lawyers, to the cool trendy moms and social elites, to the body-conscious models and celebrities, to even the fun-loving, energetic teenagers!

The Fact is, boxing is ideal for cardiovascular and muscle training as it demands exercise of every muscle in the body. It is training for both mental and physical coordination and reaction. It is strategy and observation of the mind. It is flexibility of body movements. It is detox of daily stress, frustration and mind fatigue. It is stamina building and putting your body to the test - through focus, determination and motivation.

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What do you want from training at DEF Boxing? Want to unwind after a long day at the office? Want to get into shape? Want to learn how to defend yourself? Want to become a champ?

At DEF Boxing, we offer all of the above. Your coach(es) will tailor your workouts to fit your needs and long-term goals, whether you want to relieve stress, improve your conditioning, build strength, lose a few pounds, or have a championship belt around your waist. Whether you choose intensive personal training sessions, the innovative Circuit 8 concept in group training, you get top-quality instruction made just for you!

Never trained in martial arts before? Everybody starts somewhere. Our coaches patiently and systematically teach and supervise all students the fundamentals. We recommend either Personal Training or our special Circuit 5 group training class for beginners. Those who master the basics then move on to advanced techniques. All the while, all students improve their Definition, Endurance, and Fitness >DEF.

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6W 1L 3KO
Light Flyweight (108LBs)

Lennon Tsoi

2W 0L 1KO
Minimumweight (105LBs)

Nibesh Ghale

3W 1L 3KO
Welterweight (147LBs)

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